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The tree peony is Chinese traditional flower and has been planted more than 1500 years in China. Peony with it¡¯s large flowers, ethereal colors, celestial fragrance and full blossoms deserves to be called national beauty and heavenly fragrance. It was awarded the title of Chinese national flower in 1994.

Our company was founded in the nineties of reforming tide in China, relying on supporting energetically of internal concerned scientific research academe and institution, uses for reference the success of abroad ¡°the company adds the peasant household¡± advanced management, cultivate energetically those enjoying the sight, strong life-force, sold well in the market, and rare precious young plant.

At present our company chiefly grows and sells tree peony and Chinese herbaceous peony, urging blossom tree peony, rare precious tree peony breed and other virescence plant etc. The products are sold well to distant places more than 30 provinces in whole nation and have entered into Europe, America and Australia etc.

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